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Fortex Cladding

Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)

CWPS Ltd is happy to offer Fortex® which is a range of innovative exterior cladding products that have the benefits of low maintenance uPVC.

We offer the authentic embossed wood effect in double and weatherboard profiles in a wide range of subtle colours. Fortex cladding panels are designed to make storing, handling and fitting quick and easy. With the weatherboard cladding weighing just 3.15kg per 5 metre board it is 4 times lighter than comparable fibre cement board.

The white products are eligible for an impressive 20 year guarantee and colour for 10 years, backed by Freefoam’s environmentally friendly lead free formulation.

Why Buy Fortex Cladding?

  • Can be fixed horizontally or vertically
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Light-weight and easy to handle
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Virtually maintenance-free


The Fortex cladding range is manufactured using Freefoam's environmentally friendly lead free formulation and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex) Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex) Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex) Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)

Profile Types

Three profile types are available, all cut to 5-metre lengths.

Fortex Weatherboard: An attractive weatherboard style board that overlaps to create a neat finish. 170mm wide and 7mm thick, perfect for any home improvement project.

Fortex Double Shiplap: The standard double shiplap board, 300mm wide and 7mm thick ideal for small areas such as a feature external wall and available in a smaller range of colours, White, Pale Gold and Sand.

Fortex Pro Double Shiplap: A double shiplap board, 333mm wide designed to cover a large area quickly. A 9mm thick strong durable board providing a long lasting professional finish. Available in a wide range of colours.

Fortex Cladding Weatherboard 170mm (Colchester, Essex)
Weatherboard 170mm
Fortex Cladding Double Shiplap 330mm (Colchester, Essex)
Double Shiplap 330mm
Fortex Cladding Pro Double Shiplap 333mm (Colchester, Essex)
Pro Double Shiplap 333mm

Available Colours

Fortex is available in a range of impressive colours including Argyll Brown, Colonial Blue and Sand.

Please note: Some profile types are only available in certain colours. Download the brochure below for more information.

Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Argyll Brown
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Colonial Blue
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Misty Grey
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Pale Blue
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Pale Gold
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Slate Grey
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)
Storm Grey
Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)

Breathable Membrane

We now stock breathable membrane (£30 + VAT per roll) which is required with the installation of external cladding.

They come in 1m x 50m rolls but we can also cut them by the metre. See the downloads below for more information.

Breathable Membrane (Colchester, Essex)
Breathable Membrane (Colchester, Essex)

Fortex Designer

Fortex Cladding (Colchester, Essex)

If you like our Fortex cladding, you can get an idea of how Fortex would look on your home. Check it out here.


Please see below for more information on Fortex Cladding and Breathable Membranes.

Fortex Cladding

How to Buy this Product

Currently we are only selling these products to customers within 40 miles of Colchester.

It’s requested that new customers contact us via our Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us or call us on 01206 866077.