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CWPS Ltd (Colchester, Essex)

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uPVC Doors

uPVC Doors (Colchester, Essex)

CWPS Ltd sells a versatile and attractive uPVC door, which can be adapted to your specification of colour, finish, glazing and furniture. For a better look at what uPVC doors we sell, please download one of our uPVC brochures here.


We have many different types of panels available, including Beverley and York. We also have many colour options available too.

uPVC Doors


Every style of our high quality doors are available in White, Mahogany, Rosewood,Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Red, Black, Blue and Green. Other colours may be available upon request.

uPVC Doors

Glass Patterns

We have a wide selection of glass patterns available. We can also get custom designs made up as well.

uPVC Doors

Door Furniture

Door furniture includes a selection of doorknockers, a security spy hole, a classic letterbox and lever and pad handles.

uPVC Doors


Please see below for more information on uPVC Doors.

uPVC Doors

How to Buy this Product

Currently we are only selling these products to customers within 40 miles of Colchester.

It’s requested that new customers contact us via our Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us or call us on 01206 866077.