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Bathroom Panels

Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex)

CWPS Ltd offers the Bathroom Panel - a range of interior decorative panelling which provides home owners, installers, builders, local authorities and developers with a stylish, modern and convenient waterproof paneling system.

Why Buy Bathroom Panels?

  • High rigidity – It is a very strong material so it cannot be bent.
  • Hygienic– It is inert and non-porous so does not harbour mould, bacteria, soap or calcium build up.
  • Transformed appearance – Ideal for shower walls, wash rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Easy to install – The panels fit together with a waterproof tongue-and-groove joint.
  • Lightweight – It is not heavy so it is easy to transport and to install.
  • Waterproof – It has a 100% waterproof PVC core.


Bathroom panels provide a smooth, decorative, waterproof wall covering for new and existing interior walls in homes and commercial applications.

Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex) Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex) Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex) Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex)

Panel Sizes

Bathroom panels come in three different sizes:

  • Standard: 5mm thick x 250mm wide x 2700mm high
  • Mid: 7mm thick x 600mm wide x 2400mm high
  • Wide: 10mm thick x 1000mm wide x 2400mm high

Available Colours

Bathroom Panels are available in a variety of stylish designs and colours.

Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex) Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex) Geo Panels (Colchester, Essex)


Please see below for more information on Bathroom Panels.

Bathroom Panels

How to Buy this Product

Currently we are only selling these products to customers within 40 miles of Colchester.

It’s requested that new customers contact us via our Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us or call us on 01206 866077.