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Viligno Laminated Flooring

Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)

CWPS Ltd is pleased to sell Viligno Laminate Flooring which is a range of stylish laminated flooring for homes and businesses.

Viligno floors are suitable for new builds as well as renovation; you can install them yourself, they are durable, of minimum thickness, smooth to walk on, easy to maintain, waterproof and environment-friendly.

All Viligno boards come with a guarantee of 20 years with normal residential use. Download our conditions of guarantee here.

Why Buy Viligno Laminate Flooring?

  • 20 year guarantee
  • Can be combined with underfloor heating
  • Comfortable to walk on, even when barefoot
  • 100% water resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Compact resistant


A Viligno floor adds style to your interior and also delivers substantial added value to your home. Besides domestic applications, Viligno LVT flooring is also perfectly suitable for commercial projects.

Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex) Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex) Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex) Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex) Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex) Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex) Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)


Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)

Viligno PVC flooring consists of four different layers. Firstly there is the waterproof and soundproofing core in PVC (1), with shape and dimension stability thanks to the application of fibreglass. Overlying the core is the pattern layer (2). Advanced printing technology produces a hyper-realistic rendering of wood and stone motifs. A transparent protective layer (3) protects the pattern against wear and damage. An extra protective top layer (4) in polyurethane (PU) increases the scratch and wear resistance, gives a matt finish and stops dirt from sticking to your Viligno floor.


Viligno Flooring is available in a range of 7 stylish colours including Classic Oak, Light Grey and Reclaimed Grey.

Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Classic Oak
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Dark Brown Oak
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Dark Grey Oak
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Light Grey Oak
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Light Oak
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Reclaimed Grey Oak
Viligno Flooring (Colchester, Essex)
Traditional Oak


Please see below for more information on Viligno Flooring.

How to Buy Viligno Laminate Flooring

Viligno Laminate Flooring

Currently we are only selling these products to customers within 40 miles of Colchester.

Please bear in mind some stock has to be ordered from our supplier so is subject to a 3-5 working days lead time.

It’s requested that new customers contact us via our Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us or call us on 01206 866077.