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Mardome Rooflights

Mardome Rooflights (Colchester, Essex)

CWPS Ltd offer Mardome Dome Rooflights. They are the safe and secure choice for providing natural daylight into buildings.

Why Buy Mardome Rooflights?

  • Robust, durable and secure
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of styles to suit different requirements
  • High performance glazing options make it thermally insulated
  • Added security options bring peace of mind


Mardome rooflights are available in either a Curved dome or Pyramid profile.

Both profile options offer the same benefits and can considerably enhance the aesthetics of a building. Both the curved and pyramid dome come in a comprehensive range of sizes.

Mardome Rooflights

Glazing Options

Mardome Rooflights (Colchester, Essex)


Mardome Rooflights come in four different styles - Circular, Reflex, Trade and Ultra. Both Trade and Ultra can be fixed or opened.

Mardome Reflex

Mardome Reflex (Colchester, Essex)

Glazing only (refurbishment range)

  • Dome, pyramid and circular options pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • Can be mechanically fixed to existing kerbs without a kerb adaptor
  • Single, double and triple skin units available depending on insulation requirements
  • Available in standard sizes from 600 x 600mm up to 1800 x 1800mm
Mardome Trade

Mardome Trade (Colchester, Essex)

Cost-effective range

  • Can be fixed or opened
  • New contemporary streamlined low rise dome profile
  • All power components are hidden for a streamlined lightwell
  • An integral membrane clamp on the kerb holds the roofing membrane or felt in place
  • Available in standard sizes from 600x600mm up to 1800x1800mm
Mardome Ultra

Mardome Ultra (Colchester, Essex)

Ultra modern security range

  • Can be fixed or opened
  • Contemporary low rise streamlined dome profile
  • Stylish aluminium frame which is available in a silver anodised finish
  • Security fixings are concealed for maximum security and complete peace of mind
  • Available in standard sizes from 600 x 600mm up to 1800 x 1800mm
Mardome Circular

Mardome Circular (Colchester, Essex)

Cost-effective range

  • Circular dome option
  • Robust and weatherable GRP kerb
  • Security caps encase fixings for additional security
  • Double and triple skin units available
  • Standard sizes from 600mm up to 1800mm with a dome shaped glazing unit


Please see below for more information on Mardome Rooflights.

Mardome Rooflights

How to Buy this Product

Currently we are only selling these products to customers within 40 miles of Colchester.

It’s requested that new customers contact us via our Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us or call us on 01206 866077.