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Glazing Upgrades

premium glazing upgrades

Far from simply being nice-to-haves, our premium glazing options can transform the look and feel of your windows and doors.

If you’re keen to create something that’s one-of-a-kind, speak to us about adding any one of the below features and effects to your new purchases.
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We deliver all doors to customers in Essex and the surrounding areas. Some products can be delivered nationwide, subject to mileage charges.
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Laminated security glass

With its enhanced mechanical resistance, laminated security glass is designed not to shatter or splinter when broken. Please note that laminated security glass is heavier than standard glass, so the additional weight will need to be factored into your installation.

Solar control glass

Solar control (or anti-sun) glass is coated with a special adhesive that is designed to reduce the amount of heat entering a building and eradicate excessive glare. It’s a great choice in areas where it might be difficult or less than desirable to install air conditioning or blinds.

Self-cleaning glass

There’s no need to wipe down your exterior glazing thanks to the hydrophilic and photocatalytic coating that’s added to our self-cleaning glass. During the daytime, UV rays will activate these elements to break down any organic dirt that lands on the product and stop anything from sticking to the surface.

Acoustic glass

Perfect for buildings that are located in areas with busy traffic or constant footfall, our acoustic glass helps to keep noise pollution to a minimum and preserve the peacefulness of your home. Enjoy the quiet without compromising on design or light quality!

Lead design overlays

Add decorative lead-effect looks to your glazing to ensure your new windows or doors are inkeeping with the construction style of your property. Our partner can combine lead lines with bevelled glass and splashes of colour to create unique patterns.

Sandblasted letters and numerals

Allow our team to use age-old sandblasting techniques to add custom lettering to your glazing. It’s an easy way to add extra sophistication to any glass panel.

Integrated blinds

Fed up of cumbersome curtains and bulky blinds? Our integrated products are a smart, slick solution that won’t require the same level of cleaning and maintenance as traditional window dressings. As their name suggests, integrated blinds are fitted between the glass panes of your window or door and can be opened manually or via an electronic switch system.


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